Mysterious and natural

The Amazonas region is famous for its cloud forests, páramo (alpine tundra ecosystem) and exceptional microclimates. It is home to orchids, Andean bears and cocks-of-the-rock, as well as archaeological sites like the enigma of Kuélap, the citadel built between the Andes and the jungle, and mysterious tombs and sarcophagi, the legacy of the Chachapoya culture that once reigned here.

Mansions and colonial balconies and a landscape of lakes and gigantic waterfalls like Gocta and Yumbilla create a destination with endless possibilities.



Chachapoyas, Karajía Tombs, Quiocta Caverns, Kuelap Fortifield Citadel y Gocta Waterfall.



Chachapoyas, Karajía Tombs, Quiocta Caverns, Kuelap Fortifield Citadel and Gocta Waterfall.