Kingdom of Powerful Lords

Here, in the desert and the sweltering valleys, lie important archaeological remains, such as pyramids and administrative centers. This is the land of the kings that ruled the north of Peru centuries ago, one of whom has returned from the past: the Lord of Sipán. There are also other significant archaeological sites to explore, such as Sicán, Túcume and Chotuna, as well as state-of-the-art museums with priceless collections.

Lambayeque also has beaches, like the balneario de Pimentel, nature, in the form of the Pómac forest and the Chaparrí reserve, and an excellent gastronomic tradition that is embedded in the DNA of its people.



Túcume Archaeological Complex, Royal Tombs, Sicán & Pómac. 

Batán Grande and Pómac Forest.

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